Photo Challenge – Morning


7.45am Rabac, Croatia. We are eating mostly carbs laced with cheese, meat, blueberry jam. I will miss the mini croissants that are almost one mouthful but modesty forbids. We have been here for a week and now our flight home calls. The best thing about eating breakfast outside is watching the thuggery of seagulls as they pounce on other diners’ breakfasts while they have gone to fetch more coffee. When they get back, all their food has gone. The seagulls flap off into the distance leaving bemused gazes and mild confusion.


Daily Post Photo Challenge – Details


What else would you find on a walk around Tarn Hows in the Lake District but a fallen log studded with coins? We chose this walk because it was easy i.e. mostly flat and we were utterly full from the enormous breakfast we had just inhaled at the Belsfield Hotel, our honeymoon haven. If you ever go there, eat the black pudding, even if you are vegetarian, you will not regret it. Back to the lake…..surrounded by huge vistas, ever changing light, autumn colours, other walkers and their various fancy walking boots and trousers and then round the corner, this. At first we thought it was an exotic type of bark but a close look and wow, it’s actual, real money. Why throw coins in a fountain when you can hammer them into a tree? And yes, we added our own and I think it was 10p, big spenders.