Vertically Challenged

We had a problem.

Plans for terracing, a majorly steep slope and no safe way of getting machinery into our garden. Actually that’s two problems. Our first thought was to dry stone the terraces but once we researched what was involved we quickly forgot about that. Sleepers were too big, too heavy and the wrong look. Even though we were adding huge structures to our garden we didn’t want them to be too dominating, almost impossible to avoid but sleepers went out too. Then from somewhere in the back of Glenn’s cavernous mind he remembered seeing a product on Dragon’s Den and within a couple of weeks we had designed and ordered our bespoke layout from Woodblocx. This swallowed up almost all our budget but we knew it had to be right before we could even begin to fill the garden with plants. We were anxious and still waking up at dawn pondering about logistics.

Even the delivery day caused concern as the pallet lurched down our driveway, loosely packed and wobbling. Obviously this made great TV, me hopping about being dramatic as I waited for Glenn and the delivery man to be buried under tons of giant wooden Lego.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 22.02.53

What followed was pure, hard graft. We had marked out where the foundations needed to go and purely and simply we had to start digging, by hand. But not yet…….we had to wait for Monty to come and help us.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 22.09.31

He came, he helped, he went.

Then we were left again to crack on and this time we did, quickly. Within three days we went from this;


To this;


With a lot of this in between;

Working on a slope is a serious challenge. You fall over a lot, you lose your tools as they slide away from you. Your spoil heaps become landslides, you cannot use a barrow safely. Pretty quickly you get used to the terrain however and soon we were skipping about like mountain goats on a site that would have been shut down if a risk assessment had been done. We had no practical way to move the soil out of the garden so we carefully planned how we could backfill as we went to save having to get skips in. The monotony of digging and shifting soil was beginning to set in.

Next time on Sowing, Growing and Cups of Tea; Chalk, Chalk and more Chalk



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